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Pet Emergency Pocket Guide

 Pet Emergency Pocket Guide

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The Pet Emergency Pocket Guide is a practical reference for pet owners that provides complete planning, response and survival guidelines for both common and uncommon pet emergencies, presented in an easy to use and convenient pocket-sized format.

This compact tool delivers step-by-step instructions for daily care, first aid, illness and injury assessment, emergency planning, natural disaster preparation and survival, new information on evacuation and sheltering, and a complete section on traveling safely with pets. The guide features tabbed, color-coded and illustrated sections that make it easy to use, with checklists and inventory lists for creating your own pet emergency, travel, and evacuation/shelter kits

This comprehensive resource is only 3"x5", making it convenient enough to keep at home, at work, in the car or emergency kit. Built to be tough, it is also waterproof, alcohol-fast and tear-resistant.

The Pet Emergency Pocket Guide is an all-in-one reference you can trust. This one affordable tool gives you the most current information available, in a simple format that helps you look up information quickly, find what you need fast and know what to do in seconds.

Features include: 
  • Complete before-during-after guidelines
  • How-to first aid, including CPR and Heimlich
  • General care, including handling and grooming
  • Transporting and muzzling pets
  • Glossary of signs and conditions for illness
  • Assessment of more serious conditions
  • How to create a pet emergency kit
  • Traveling with pets, including a travel checklist
  • List of common toxic foods
  • Preparing for natural disasters
  • Creating an pet evacuation Go-Kit
  • Current information on sheltering
  • Emergency contacts and reference numbers
  • Record pages to document allergies and vaccinations

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