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Fire Officer Field Guide

 Fire Officer Field Guide

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New content produced in partnership with the Safety, Health and Survival section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). Includes Rules of Engagement.

Whether you are a command officer or a beginning firefighter, the Fire Officer Field Guide™ will prove to be an essential tool throughout your career.

This guide includes rapid-use checklists for safe operational behaviors, situational awareness tips, RIT Team activation, Mayday and rescue procedures, Incident Command with the latest NIMS developments, HazMat section with updated chemical characteristics, MCI, tactical tips, an updated emergency medical section, and more.

The Fire Officer Field Guide™ provides instant access to critical information in an easy-to-use checklist format. At only 3"x5", this guide fits in your pocket, is waterproof, alcohol-fast and “street tough.”


  • Rules of Engagement
  • National ICS Profiles
  • Updated Fire Strategy / Tactics
  • Improved Operations Center Guidelines
  • Mayday & Firefighter Rescue
  • Evacuation / Abandon Structure
  • Enhanced WMD and HazMat Response
  • Special Rescue Situations
  • Incident Command System / MCI
  • Updated EMS
  • Section Water Supply / Friction Loss
  • Tables for Flammable Gases & Liquids

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