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ResQmax Line Deployment Kit

 ResQmax Line Deployment Kit

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Product Description

Everything you need to launch a 3 mm messenger line up to 350 feet (107 m). The 500 foot (152 m) Dacron line has a tensile strength of 500 lbs. Once you have the messenger line across, use it to pull across the rescue rope.

Kit includes:

  • -ResQmax Launcher with Folding Stock, Red
  • -Streamline Line Projectile with 2 spare molded projectile protectors
  • -500 ft. Dacron messenger line with compact line container (500 lbf. test)
  • -Spares kit
  • -Corrosion Block Lubricant/Rust Inhibitor, 4 oz.
  • -Streamline Filler Hose Assembly
  • -CORDURAŽKit Carry Bag, Red/Black
  • -Streamline Nozzle Protectors, pack of 5 each
  • -Operation Manual
  • -Training CD

    ResQmax Line Deployment Systems
    The ResQmax is a new generation line-thrower designed to safely and effectively deploy a line across any inaccessible expanse. The patented air-thrust technology is non-pyrotechnic, re-usable, and safe. Operating with 3000 psi of air pressure in the projectile, it delivers a line with rocket-like distance and accuracy. Spare Line Projectiles and Line Containers give the ResQmax rapid second shot capability. Whether an ocean rescue emergency, a river rescue crossing, or a tactical access problem, the ResQmax gives you the safest, most effective line deployment capability.

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