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RT 2 Piece Litter Pre Rig

 RT 2 Piece Litter Pre Rig

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Vertical, Horizontal, and Low Angle:  The Litter Pre-Rig is a fully adjustable bridle intended for use with any stokes litter. The unique "Y" suspension system drastically reduces congestion at the upper attachment point. Adjustable to a minimum height of 18" above litter for the tightest helicopter evacuations; and a maximum length of 5 ft. One half of the Pre-Rig can be used as a low angle evacuation stretcher harness, eliminating the need to purchase separate harnesses. Combines with a rescuer rigging rope or Transfer Sling for a complete litter/rescue system. Webbing is 6,500 lbf tensile strength. All webbing and hardware meet NFPA strength specifications. Weight: 2.75 lbs. Carabiners not included.

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