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Sterling 6mm Accessory Cord

 Sterling 6mm Accessory Cord

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Sterling Rope cords come in a wide range of diameters and color options that make them extremely versatile for climbing, recreation, rescue and utility applications.  Sterling's cord is unique and we believe better in many ways.  First, they offer one of the largest collections of stocked colors in the industry.  Second, they twist the sheath yarn which makes the cords last longer.  These factors give end users an endless variety of cords that are functional, durable and even fashionable.

Prusik cords serve many functional purposes in the field.  They are extremely versatile in tandem prusik belays, load release devices, mainline belays, pulley systems and anchor systems.  One of the main factors to consider is consistency in durability and suppleness.  Sterling's standard Prusiks (6mm-9mm) are made of nylon and have a slightly tighter sheath construction than the competition that allows for greater durability and better handling.  The diamter of cord chosen is a matter of personal preference and the diameter size of the host rope or mainline. 

Note:  To insure that your Prusik cord moves and grips properly, the diamter relationship between the standing line and your Prusik loop diamter should follow the general rul of a 60%-80% ratio.  Proper guidelines recommend that you review your rescue applications and test any new cord prior to actual field use.

Accessory & Prusik Cords
Diameter 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm
MBS: lb n/a 585 lb 1034 lb 1124 lb 1955 lb 2878 lb 3754 lb 3080 lb
MBS: kN n/a 2.6 kN 4.6 kN 5.0 kN 8.7 kN 12.8 kN 16.7 kN 13.7 kN

Price listed is per foot.  Standard spool lengths are 50m (164'), 100m (328') or 200m (656').  Assorted colors.  Please indicate whether you want a bright or dark color.

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