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Petzl I'D NFPA Descender

 Petzl I'D NFPA Descender

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Product Description

Self-braking descender with anti-panic function for rescue.

-Designed for rescue: lacks a gate
-Multi-functional handle allows the user to:
- unblock the rope and control the descent with the hand on the braking side of the rope
- move more easily on horizontal or low-angle terrain thanks to the button on the handle
- to position himself while on the rope
-Anti-panic function is engaged if the user pulls too hard on the handle: the pivoting cam is released and automatically brakes to stop the descent
-Anti-error safety cam to reduce the risk of an accident due to incorrect installation of the device on the rope. The shape of the cam is designed to improve rope glide during an ascent.
-Pivoting cam makes it easier to take up the slack in the rope Can also be used to make a reversible haul system, and for short ascents (in conjunction with a FOOTPRO footloop and an ASCENSION handled rope clamp).


Small is for ropes between 10 and 11.5mm in diameter
Large is for ropes between 11.5 and 13 mm in diameter
Weight: 530 g for both sizes
Individually tested

Small I'D
CE EN 341 Class A
CE EN 12841 type C
NFPA 1983 L

Large I'D
CE EN 341 Class A
NFPA 1983 G

Small I'D available in Standard Color (Gold) or Black.
Large I'D available in Standard Color (Red) or Black.

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