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Ramfan UB20 Saddle Vent System, Haz Loc

 Ramfan UB20 Saddle Vent System, Haz Loc

 (Item no: EF7015-SVP)

Price: $3025.00


Product Description

  • -For ventilation in hazardous locations including manholes and other vertical confinedá spaces
  • -Design allows easy entry/exit , only taking up 3"/7.5cm of the manhole
  • -90┬░ elbow allows unobstructed airflow from blower down through vertical entry
  • -15ft/4.6m of conductive duct is provided for attachment above or below ground to meet unique ventilation needs
  • -Plug sold separately
  • -Parts may be individually ordered

  • Specs:

    Free Airflow: 980 cfm / 1,666.3 m3/hr
    15ft 1-90░ turn: 789 cfm / 1,341.3 m3/hr
    15ft 2-90░ turns: 666 cfm / 1 ,132.2 m3/hr
    Product Weight: 69lbs / 30kg
    Dimensions: 14h/12w/35d in
    360 x 320 x 889 mm
    Noise: 74dB
    Electric: 115VAC, 1°, 2A
    Motor Certification: UL Class I -Group C,D
    UL Class II -Group E,F,G

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