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Rock Exotica MiniEight

 Rock Exotica MiniEight

 (Item no: F1)

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The MiniEight features side ears that let you easily adjust friction and accommodate a wide range of rope sizes. Additionally, the side ears make it easy to tie off. The attachment hole has a rubber gasket that fits tightly to your carabiner. Rock Exotica uses 7075 aluminum, which is harder and will last longer than cheaper alloys commonly used in other figure 8s.

Part#: F1
MBS: 14kN
Weight: 2.1 oz (60 gm) 
Height: 3.6 (92 mm) 
Width: 3.2 (82 mm) 
Max Rope Dia. (Single Rope): 13 mm
Max Rope Dia. (Double Rope): 10.5 mm

Since this device has the rubber insert to fit tight on your carabiner you will need to pick a smaller profile carabiner to use with this item.  We recommend the following items:

Rock Exotica Pirate Screw-Lock Carabiner
Rock Exotica Pirate Auto-Lock Carabiner

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