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Res-Q-Me Mini Escape Tool

 Res-Q-Me Mini Escape Tool

 (Item no: NOV8-RQMYEL)

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Product Description

This tool is designed to do 2 things:

-Shatter tempered glass – like glass found in side windows of most cars & trucks and rear windows of most cars.
-Cut seat belts.

Place it where you’ll find it after the car has had a severe impact or rollover.  Suggested places:
-Ignition key ring
-Attached to the gearshift with a hair tie.
-Ashtray – depending on the design.
-Turn signal or wiper levers with a hair tie. Radio, heater, wiper, and light knobs in older vehicles may work well too.

-The glove box, an open tray, cup holder or door pocket are NOT good choices

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