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Credit Card Sized UTM Slot Tool

 Credit Card Sized UTM Slot Tool

 (Item no: UTM-SC24)

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"Credit Card Size" UTM Slot Tool

This tool enables you to plot UTM coordinates to a 10 meter accuracy within a 1 kilometer grid square. The tool includes 2 distance rulers; one mile divided into 0.01 mile increments, and 3700 feet divided into 100 foot increments. The small size of this tool will allow you to keep it handy in your pocket or wallet. A band of white ink around the edge of the tool makes reading the distance scales easier and also keeps the tool from "disappearing"when you place it on the map. There is also a badge slot to allow use with any standard sized badge clip.

Internal cutouts are shown with a red outline. The map image in the background is present so that the white ink is visable. The map image is is not printed on the tool. Click on the product image for a magnified view.

Printed on 30 mil plastic stock the tools are about the thickness of a credit card.
The ink is coated to protect it from abrasion.
Size 2.125 x 3.325 (54mm X 85mm).

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