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 GPS Made Easy

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GPS Made Easy is all you need!

-Master hand-held Global Positioning System receivers!

-Clear language and illustrations demystify GPS for every user. Accurate navigation in the outdoors; Realistic, practical outdoor examples: hiking in the desert, cross country skiing, kayaking in Alaska, boat regattas.

 -Explained and demonstrated:

Using USGS, Canadian, and Metric maps; Using Marine charts; Using computers to download maps into the GPS receiver; Using computerized topographical maps.

-The importance of coordinate grids:

The well-known latitude/longitude coordinate grid; Very useful, but little used in the US, the Universal Transverse mercator (UTM) grid; The Military Grid Reference System (MGRS); The Maidenhead grid; The Ordnance Survey of Great Britain (OSGB).

-GPS features:

Waypoints: what they are and how to get them into the receiver; Goto function: the foundation of GPS navigation; Routes: how to form and use them to navigate; Built-in and downloadable electronic maps; Navigation information: speed, bearing, vertical speed, ETE, Cross-track error, etc.

 -The importance of map datum:

NAD27, NAD83, WGS84 and OSGB.

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