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4″ Triple Sheave Pulley


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4″ Triple Sheave Pulley


4″ Triple Sheave Pulley

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The only aluminum triple sheave pulley with rotating sideplates. Designed for up to 5/8″ ropes. Can be reaved at any point on the line. 5:1 triple over double block and tackle system is possible when used in conjunction with double sheave pulley with becket. High strength allow aluminum construction with Oilite bushing or sealed bearing. Triple carabiner rigging point.

Meets NFPA /ANSI/OSHA strength specifications.

Tensile Strength: 15,000 lbf. (66.7 kN)
WLL: 1,500 lbf. (682 kg)
Dimensions: 10′ x 4′ x 4.5″ (250 x 100 x 113mm)
Pitch Diameter: 3.5″ (87.5mm)
Weight: 4.25 lbs.
Color: Gold