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Cascade Rescue Advance Series Trail Technician Litter Wheel System


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Cascade Rescue Advance Series Trail Technician Litter Wheel System


Cascade Rescue Advance Series Trail Technician Litter Wheel System

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All the features, not the weight! Our Advance Series Litter Wheels will saddle virtually any basket style litter. The saddle attaches to the top railing of the litter with four nylon straps – simply hook up then use the ratchet levers to cinch it down. Unlike other mounting devices and methods, you don’t need to worry about the Advance Series kinking or denting your litter rails. The non-skid surface inside the litter saddle keeps the litter firmly in place. Gone are the days of your litter sliding out of or off of your wheel! Once your patient is loaded, the wheel assembly locks on in less than two seconds and won’t come off unless you unlock it. Constructed of 6061 T6 Aluminum, the Advance Series Litter wheels are designed to be packable, durable and help you save lives while saving the energy and effort of your team.

The Advance Series Trail Technician is designed to be the ultimate two piece, pack-able weapon of choice for tough single track conditions. It doesn’t matter if there are rocks, roots or downed trees, the Trail Tech takes it in stride. Comes complete with a tough disk brake and easily attached actuator lever. Weighs only 18.5lbs. Choose this device when lightweight and maneuverability are paramount.

Worried about thorns, goat-heads, cactus and other bad things? Our tires and tubes are tough, but can only take so much. If you’re looking for that extra assurance on the trail – we can help. When you place your order, just check the box that says “Slime Me”. Right before we ship, we’ll make sure your unit gets a good injection of SLIME to help protect you from the elements. Just that easy! Now with our NEW Universal Brake Clamp – fits 1″ to 5/8″ litter top rails.

Please note that our trail wheel products will not fit litters that have a plastic wrapped top railing. The litter rail must be 1″ or less.

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