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CMC Paratech Pods Tie Back Kit


  • 501506_Tie_Back_Kit
  • 501506_Tie_Back_Kit

CMC Paratech Pods Tie Back Kit


CMC Paratech Pods Tie Back Kit

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Paratech has partnered with CMC to create a series of high angle kits for use with Paratech’s Monopods, Bipods, Tripods and Elevator Shaft Rescue systems. With the addition of these quick setup kits, your high angle system will be ready to tackle a wide range of rescue scenarios. The Tie-Back Kit gives you the equipment needed to build a two-point tie back (or guy) on the Paratech Pods. Tie backs are needed for both the Monopod and the Bipod, in order to keep them stable.

Paratech Pods Tie Back Kit Includes:
25 in Sewn Loop Prusik Green (2) ProSeries™ Auto-locking Aluminum Carabiner Red 40kN (4)
CMC Rope Bag #3 Black (1) CMC Stuff Bag Small Red (1)
13 mm (1/2 in) KM III Rope Black – 200ft (1) Variable Anchor Strap 3ft – 7ft Blue (2)
10 mm Delta Maillon Screw Link (2)