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CMC Fire Rescue Harness


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CMC Fire Rescue Harness


CMC Fire Rescue Harness

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The Fire-Rescue Harness™ remains one of the most versatile, multiple-use harnesses available. Used worldwide by fire department rescue teams, USAR teams, helicopter crews and wilderness SAR teams, this popular harness features multiple D-ring attachment points and our JackBack™ removable padding with breathable D3 cloth, which keeps shoulder straps separated and makes donning and doffing a breeze. The dorsal D-ring allows adjustment for different size users, but stays in place when loaded, greatly increasing comfort. The front waist D-ring allows a comfortable, stable sitting position for rappels and the sternum D-ring works well for helicopter hoists. Gear loops offer easy access to equipment, and quick-connect shoulder straps and leg loops make donning the harness quick. Pads on the leg loops can be adjusted to the most comfortable position. The front lift assembly accepts screw links for adding a chest ascender or safety lanyards. Attachment points: front waist, sternal, dorsal, sides.


Small/Medium fits 26″-34″ waist

Large/X-Large fits 34″-46″ waist

NFPA Class III Certified


Large/X-Large, Small/Medium