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GPS Made Easy


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GPS Made Easy


GPS Made Easy

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GPS Made Easy, 5th Edition by Lawrence Letham.  Keeping up with the newest technology, GPS Made Easy, 5th Edition, includes navigation in difficult weather (such as a whiteout), integrating hand-held GPS tools and data with computer programs (such as TOPO maps), and an explanation of systems being used in other countries. This best-selling instructional will keep you up to date on how to use the newest GPS equipment. GPS Made Easy is written so anyone can learn to use this technology quickly, with lots of easy-to-follow examples.The most up-to-date book on the constantly improving GPS technology.  New information on integrating GPS data with TOPO software.  Learn to navigate even in terrible weather conditions.

Simple and concise
Written by an expert
Recommended by experts
Step by step instructions
Illustrations and pictures clarify all major areas of GPS operation