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Omega Pacific Five-O Carabiners


Omega Pacific Five-O Carabiners


Omega Pacific Five-O Carabiners

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Five generations of development have perfected this carabiner. Huge gate clearances with deep baskets provide effortless clipping. Available in straight, bent, wire and locking gates for virtually any use. Built from aircraft-quality aluminum and our exclusive ISO Cold Forged process, the Five-O is the premier free-climbing carabiner. Perfect for alpine, ice, and sport climbing, the Five-O boasts up to 32mm of gate clearance.


Part # Description Gate Opening Major-Axis Gate Open Minor-Axis Weight Length Width
mm / inch Strength Strength Strength grams / ounces mm / inch mm / inch
OPFOB Five-O Bent Gate 28 / 1.10 24kN 7kN 8kN 58 / 2.0 108.5 / 4.27 68.3 / 2.69
OPFOL Five-O Locking Gate 24 / .945 24kN 7kN 8kN 63 / 2.2 108.5 / 4.27 68.3 / 2.69

Bent Gate, Locking Gate