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Petzl Kootenay Carriage


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Petzl Kootenay Carriage


Petzl Kootenay Carriage

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The P67 Petzl Kootenay Knot-Passing Pulley is one of the most versatile knot passing pulleys available. It excels in highline systems with a large main hole that will accept 3 carabiners and two smaller holes for attachment of tag and belay lines. The sheave of the Petzl Kootenay has a tread diameter of 3 inches and it turns on two sealed ball bearings. The pulley comes with pins that can be used to lock of the sheave for making high strength anchors, etc.

  • P67 Petzl Kootenay is a large pulley which allows passing knots in rope.
  • Very large sheave mounts on sealed ball bearings for high efficiency.
  • Locking pins on sheave allow use of the pulley as an anchor.


Breaking load – 9,000 lbs.
Working load – 2,250 lbs.
Maximum rope diameter – 3/4”

Weight 3.1 kg