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PMI 13mm Isostatic Polyester Rope


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PMI 13mm Isostatic Polyester Rope


PMI 13mm Isostatic Polyester Rope

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A PMI signature rope constructed of 100% polyester core and sheath. These ropes are specifically designed with super low elongation for specialty applications such as highlines and applications where professional rope technicians require absolute minimal elongation. These ropes are also engineered to stay rounder and have less sheath slippage than conventional kernmantle polyester ropes.

Key Features:
NFPA Certified • 32 carrier construction • 100% Polyester construction • Resists flattening under load

13 mm (33/64”)
Weight: 125 g/m
MBS: 45.9 kN (10328 lbf)
Elongation at 10% MBS: 2.0%-2.4%
Elongation: 1.2% at 300 lbf | 1.6% at 600 lbf | 2.1% at 1000 lbf


Blue/White/Green, Orange/White/Green


200' (61M), 660' (200M)