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Shore Based Water Rescue Kit


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Shore Based Water Rescue Kit


Shore Based Water Rescue Kit

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All the items you need to operate from the shore on a water rescue.  Whether you are an upstream spotter, downstream safety, or first responder to a scene, this kit will give you the basics to start a rescue from the shore.  This kit includes a PFD, Knife, Whistle, Throw Bag, and Storage Duffel.

Please be aware the NRS Big Water V PFD is not a Swiftwater Technician PFD.  It is a high flotation PFD which gives it the Type V special use classification. 

Kit Contents:

NRS Big Water Type V PFD (Click for Info)

Akua Blunt Tip River Knife (Click for Info)

Fox 40 Safety Whistle (Click for Info)

NRS Standard Rescue Throw Bag (Click for Info)

NRS Purest Mesh Duffel Bag 60L (Click for Info)

This kit does allow for customization.  Please contact us at 877-692-8609 or to update this kit to your needs.

The image shown may not represent the items in the kit.  Please click on the item links to see the product descriptions and sizing/color options.

PFD Color

Green, Orange, Yellow, Red

Duffel Color

Red, Blue, Green

Throwbag Color

Red, Orange