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SMC NFPA Rack Kit, Straight Eye


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SMC NFPA Rack Kit, Straight Eye


SMC NFPA Rack Kit, Straight Eye

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The NFPA rack is sold as a complete un-assembled kit so you can arrange it for right-hand or left-hand use. SMC has also added a 17.9” long rack to complete the line.

Key Features:
1 six-bar rappel rack • 1 stainless steel tie-off bar • 1 anodized aluminum grooved straight slot bar • 4 aluminum
angled brake bars

Height: 1.00” (2.5 cm) »
Width: 3.60” (9.1 cm) »
Length: 14.40” (36.6 cm) »
Weight: 1.83 lbs (828 g) »
MBS: 44 kN (10000 lbf)

Certified NPFA G for ropes 11mm-16mm and NFPA T for ropes 9.5mm-12.5mm