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SS Series Rescue Line Launcher Kit


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SS Series Rescue Line Launcher Kit


SS Series Rescue Line Launcher Kit

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The SS Series Rescue Kit contains

  • Launcher with canister
  • 2 spools of 600′ braided nylon string
  • 1 plastic missile
  • 1 coated aluminum missile
  • 100 of each power load (Green, Red) in water / air tight containers
  • Launcher cleaning kit
  • Rugged water tight storage case
  • Uses a .22 cal blank to launch the dummy with line attached
  • Aluminum canister houses a spool of string
  • String is 600′ of braided nylon with rated break strength of 150 lbs.
  • Canister is easily reloaded with a new spool by simply removing the end cap and sliding in the replacement spool
  • Combination of a pistol grip, full length shoulder stock and an aero-dynamic missile allow for very precise placement of the line
  • Stock of the launcher separates into two pieces for easier storage and transportation
  • Three power loads are available:
    • Green will launch the missile 40′-100
    • Red 100′-300′
  • Additional 450′ (SKU 6410) or 600′ (SKU 6410A) spools of string are available for purchase
  • The distance of the shot will vary depending on the type of missile being used and the angle of the shot
  • There are two different styles of missiles available.
    • Plastic Missile is made of very dense but light-weight polypropylene foam with aerodynamic shape
    • Coated Aluminum Missile. It is machined solid aluminum stock with a rubber coating and weighs approximately 8 ounces. Due to its aerodynamic design and its mass it will travel the farthest of the two missiles.