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Stearns Cold Water Immersion Suit


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Stearns Cold Water Immersion Suit


Stearns Cold Water Immersion Suit

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Have added safety on hand for your crew and passengers when you gear up with USGC/MED/SOLAS-approved Stearns® Immersion Suits-Type S. The survival suits are designed to help protect those on board from hypothermia in the water with 5-mm, stretchable, flame-retardant neoprene. Added inflatable head supports, face shields and five-fingered, integrated gloves offer added protection from the cold—while still allowing for comfortable movement. Other safety features—like a pocket that fits most approved lights, a SOLAS whistle and 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material SOLAS-grade 3150-A PS with adhesive backing—make it easier for rescue crews to find people in the water. Once help arrives, the stainless steel lifting harness and buddy line with snap hook make quicker work of rescue attempts from a boat or helicopter. Before going into the water, those on board will be able to find the right size immediately with color-coded bags, and the large fit makes it easy to quickly put on the device.

Available in three sizes:

Size Weight Maximum Height
Small 110-250 lbs. 68 inches
Universal 110-330 lbs. 75 inches
Oversized 220-375 lbs. 75 inches



Oversized Adult, Small Adult, Universal Adult